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EMThe New New Internet is a website dedicate to publishing stories on technology and cybersecurity in the U.S. Federal government and private industry.
The website published two articles this week on Federal government contracts meant for research & development and delivery of technologies.
The first contract was awarded by the U.S. Air Force and seeks to establish capabilities, infrastructure and knowledge necessary to design and produce advanced components for electronic warfare. 
The focus will be on developing integrated photonic circuits, millimeter-wave source and receiver components, reconfigurable and adaptive RF electronics and heterogeneous integration for photonic sources.
Air Force Research Laboratory Sensors Directorate awarded nine contracts in all to companies that include, Aurrion LLCm, BAE Systems, HRL Laboratories, Rockwell Collins, LGS Innovations, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Raytheon.
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The other contract TNNI wrote about was a research and development award from the Department of Energy.
A $3.5 program by the DOE will be comprised of four companies for the R&D contract including General Atomics, GE Hitachi, Gen4 Energy and Westinghouse Electric Co.
“Public-private research in advanced nuclear reactors will help accelerate American leadership in the next generation of nuclear energy technologies and enable low-carbon nuclear power to be a significant contributor to the U.S. energy economy,” said Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz.
The contract is meant to support a presidential effort to reduce carbon emissions and drive innovation for clean technologies.
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