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The intimate access afforded by these interviews provides insight as to how companies are acquiring new business, what the future holds and the personal side of corporate leaders.
This week, ExecutiveBiz published an exclusive Q&A with CACI International‘s Rick Dansey.
He serves as executive vice president of CACI‘s federal civilian solutions group where he leads the federal civillian solutions group.
He leads a group that generates around $400 million in annual revenue and is comprised of 2,100 employees.
In his discussion with ExecutiveBiz, Dansey discussed a number of topics related to healthcare IT, specifically how CACI’s offerings fit into the government market.
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Two of the specific topics he touched on were big data and the possible security concerns it may pose. 
“There are terabytes and petabytes of data being analyzed, and that is a big data analytics problem for agencies like CMS and CDC, for electronic health records and logistics and public health. There’s data there that, if analyzed properly and securely, can lead to tremendous savings in healthcare costs,” he said.
Dansey also talked about one of the major ways in which CACI has grown its health business, through merger and acquisition activity. 
“The company makes good investments, integrates well and completes an immersion that brings them fully into the CACI culture and mission. Our recent healthcare acquisitions, Emergint and IDL, were numbers 58 and 59 for CACI over the last 20 years,” Dansey said.
Another topic the CACI executive talked about in his interview was the challenges facing his customers. In his answer he specifically mentioned what CACI is doing to aid Veterans Affairs.
“CACI is currently digitizing and converting documents for billions of pages of medical records, including VA claims for the Veterans Benefit Administration,” he said.  
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