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EM Logo5Japan is set to propose conditions where the military would be allowed to defend other nations, an action Japan’s constitution prohibits.
Many see Japan’s interest in helping its allies as a result of a more bold China in the Asia Pacific region.
“If we have the option to exercise this right, we’ll be able to make Japan a better partner in a region-wide security community,” said Narushige Michishita, a program director at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies.
“It creates a chance to play a larger and more important security role and contribute to the stability of the region by deterring the use of force, thus once more re-ensuring Japan’s security,” Michishita added.
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In Israel, officials are asking the U.S. to continue funding military assistance to the Jewish state past 2017.
Israel receives $3 billion from the U.S. every year and that agreement is set to expire in three years.
Officials in Israel would like to see the number raised to $3.2 billion and $3.5 billion per year.
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