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Executive Mosaic’s Weekly News Round-Up 
Lawmakers on Capitol Hill reached a tax deal this week that prevented some potential fallout from the U.S. fiscal cliff, but did not rule out potential across-the-board budget cuts, including sequestration, and an upcoming date with the debt ceiling.
In the face of this and other market uncertainty, industry leaders kept busy in the lead up to the new year in their efforts to position themselves to fulfill future federal demand. 
Some enlisted the services high-level executives while others flexed capabilities in growth areas set to receive more federal funds in tight budgets. 
Here’s a recap of some of the leading recent activity. 
Gary Shankman Joins Serco Inc as CFO, Chris Sullivan as CIO 

Gary Shankman

Gary Shankman

Gary Shankman joined Serco Inc. as the Reston,Va.-based services contractor’s CFO while Chris Sullivan also stepped into the firm’s executive ranks Jan. 1 as CIO.
Chris Sullivan

Chris Sullivan

Shankman joins Serco from the same role at SAIC‘s defense solutions segment and the 30-year government contracting veteran now leads all corporate finance and accounting functions.
“He has a lot of focus on strategic planning and M&A,” Alan Hill, Serco’s VP for corporate communications told GovCon Wire. “We have a track record in the past of acquiring companies and we will continue looking at acquisitions.”
Sullivan is a 25-year IT vet and most recently served as CIO of CSCs North American public sector, where he led technology considerations of close to 30,000 workers.
Dan Allen on CACI’s Latest Health IT Acquisition of IDL Solutions
Dan Allen

Dan Allen

CACI acquired healthcare IT and analytics firm IDL Solutions to grow its footprint in the $33.5 billion federal healthcare market.
IDL’s around 100 employees will join CACI’s federal civilian solutions business group, which is now led by SVP Rick Dansey.
“CACI’s acquisition of IDL Solutions, coupled with our recent acquisition of Emergint Technologies, is an important step in our strategy to build CACI’s healthcare IT business,” said Dan Allen, president and CEO.
IDL hold positions on contracts with several Department of Health and Human Services agencies, including CMSFDA and NIH.
DeEtte Gray

DeEtte Gray

DeEtte Gray, BAE to Process Intell Data for NGA
BAE Systems Inc. won a $60 million contract to provide the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency with software analysis tools to help automate storage and process intell data. 
DeEtte Graypresident of the intelligence and security sector, said the software solution will work to help predictive intelligence analysis of terrorism, insurgency, narcotics trafficking and weapons proliferation. 
The solution is meant to integrate with commercial off-the-shelf computing infrastructure to help intell analysts identify enemy patterns and understand enemy relationships.
Dr. Kevin Moore

Dr. Kevin Moore

Dr. Kevin Moore on General Dynamics’ New UAV-Based Video Capture System
General Dynamics subsidiary delivered two video capture and exploitation systems to the Australian Army which will work to record and index video to derive actionable intelligence on the ground.
“Managing the thousands of hours of video collected by the Shadow 200 TUAS presented the Army with a sizable data processing and analytics challenge,” said Dr. Kevin Moore, chief technology officer of General Dynamics Mediaware.
The D-VEX systems operate onboard the Shadow 200 Tactical UAV and are designed to work with commercially available hardware such as laptops. 
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