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The 4×24 Leadership Series is for senior-level “executives of consequence,” and is comprised of members from over 200 companies from across 21 states (and Canada). 4×24 enables these leaders to establish and maintain key executive connections with their peers and Government thought-leaders through a series of membership only meetings, Potomac Officers Club events, and by building a public media presence for them (and their firms) via Executive Mosaic’s award winning websites, daily news-feeds, and social media integration.

Why Join? Here’s What Our Group Chairs Say

“I am honored to be appointed chairman of the Group 1 Leadership at Executive Mosaic for the second consecutive year. The government contractor industry is a very important partner with the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, federal civilian and Capitol Hill communities. This forum provides a unique opportunity for collaboration with C-suite and government executive leaders to discuss and drive acquisition reform, technology innovation and legislative priorities in support of our customers’ critical missions. Equally important is the networking opportunity with industry colleagues to find mutually beneficial areas of partnership. I feel fortunate to be involved in an executive business organization that makes a significant mission impact.”

Carey SmithParsons

“I’m excited to be starting my 4th season as a chair of an Executive Mosaic leadership group. Leadership groups are a fantastic way to stay in touch with government leadership and peers in an intimate setting. I highly recommend it.”

John ZangardiRed Horse

It’s truly an honor to be appointed chairman of the Leadership Group at Executive Mosaic for a third year. The concept of digital transformation encompasses a sometimes unmanageably broad spectrum of technological imperatives for our industry and government executives. Coming together to address meaningful action, innovation and modernization in a truly collaborative environment is a unique and valuable opportunity — and will help shape investments, industry focus and empower our federal leaders.

Bill MarionAccenture Federal Services

“I am thrilled to be appointed chairman of the Finance Group at Executive Mosaic. Our industry is focused on delivering critical solutions for the U.S. and our allies. The opportunity for open dialogue and collaboration with industry peers and government officials as part of the Finance Group is paramount to our collective success in our mission-critical work.”

Matt OfilosParsons

“I’m looking forward to a new 4X24 season as CTO Chair. The rapidly changing landscape of technologies and their applications across federal, DOD, IC and supporting corporations will make this season’s insights even more valuable. We have an exciting lineup and are adding more speakers each week. I can’t wait to see everyone at the next CTO event.”

Victor BrownW3 Nebula Technology

“It is a privilege to be appointed chairman of the Contracts Group at Executive Mosaic. Our contracts community has a powerful role in transforming government procurement to be innovative and agile. I am honored to collaborate with industry and government leaders, in partnership with organizations such as National Contract Management Association, to demonstrate that the contracts community is the nexus where thought leaders, practitioners and the broader industry and government stakeholders come to solve the toughest problems.”

Heather DallaraIntegral Federal

“I'm thrilled to be the chair for the 2024 CIO series of 4x24 meetings. I've had the opportunity to be a part of these events as a government CIO and I look forward to being on the industry side and bringing together my former CIO colleagues to engage industry in all things that are top of mind for the government CIOs in 2024. The insights, networking and social value of these engagements can't be underestimated!”

Aaron WeisGoogle Public Sector

I am honored to be appointed chairman of the General Counsel 4x24 group. The General Counsel sessions with senior government attorneys have been invaluable to industry leaders and I am excited to continue the proud tradition and to continue to collaborate with fellow senior in-house attorneys on topics of significant interest given our shared objectives.

Josh PettyBooz Allen Hamilton

I am thrilled and honored to be appointed to chair the Intelligence Community 4x24 group, and to collaborate with customers and industry partners. This forum provides a unique opportunity for intimate, deep and meaningful conversations with IC experts who have a passion for ensuring our nation is safe and secure. Forming, maintaining and growing partnerships with our IC customers and colleagues is instrumental to delivering effective outcomes in support of critical national security missions.

Cindy MurphyCACI

I am honored to be appointed chairman of Executive Mosaic’s 4x24 Healthcare group. LMI works at the intersection of policy and business process by applying digital IQ to help our customers with bending the healthcare cost curve and provide rapid realization of healthcare outcomes. I am excited to work alongside our industry partners and our government healthcare customers to better understand how we can help them resolve their complex problems and achieve better health outcomes by delivering Innovation.

Zaki SalehLMI

I am honored and excited to serve as the chair of the DHS and Civilian 4x24 group. I look forward to facilitating the free exchange of perspectives and ideas between government and industry leaders who share a common dedication to the missions of DHS and other civilian agencies. Collaboration is the key to helping DHS tackle important initiatives in areas like modernization, cyber, analytics, customer experience and generative AI.

Tom BrunoGDIT

It’s an honor to represent CACI as chair of the Secure Supply Chain group. For nearly a decade, I have worked closely with the Executive Mosaic team to build and foster relationships across the federal government industry to promote supply chain security. Protecting our supply chain is vital to our national security as it strengthens our defense against compromised software and hardware that would prevent the efficient movement of goods. We must continue to work together to enhance our networks and defend our country from our adversaries as they seek to disrupt our weaponry, border, utility, commerce and food supply chains.

Jimmy NorcrossCACI

I am honored to chair the Cyber Group at Executive Mosaic. Given the increasing number of cybersecurity threats to national critical infrastructure, it is more essential than ever that industry, academia and government work in partnership to preserve our national security. I look forward to candid and open discussions on a wide range of topics, including the increasing convergence of physical security and information security, which is now essential for federal agency risk management.


George FranzAccenture Federal

I am honored to return as the chairman of the Cloud Group at Executive Mosaic. Cloud technologies continue to play a critical role in transforming public sector missions and I am excited to collaborate with fellow executives and government leaders to drive mission advantage. I look forward to expanding the conversation to include multi-cloud, tactical edge, artificial intelligence and other capabilities powered by the cloud.

Steven DerrOracle

I’m excited to chair the Multi-Domain Group for Executive Mosaic and privileged with the opportunity, especially since we focus on improving current and future capabilities for our national defense across all domains — air, land, sea, space and cyber. Our national defense depends on tight collaboration between U.S. government and industry leaders in delivering high-technology deterrent and multi-domain capabilities to U.S. allied and partner nations. The Executive Mosaic Multi-Domain Group’s contribution helps us all get there.

Jim KefferLockheed Martin

I am honored to serve as chairman of the 4x24 AI executive leadership group. AI presents historic potential to improve our nation’s federal agencies and missions. I am excited to collaborate with industry and government leaders to explore this technology and collectively conceive pathways for accelerated adoption.

Steve EscaravageBooz Allen Hamilton

It is a privilege to be named chair of the 4x24 5G Group at Executive Mosaic. We are living in an exciting period of innovation in the public sector and 5G is playing a pivotal role in helping transform the ways in which our nation's government agencies serve our communities. I am confident that the entire Verizon Public Sector team, and the distinguished members of this group, are committed to ensuring all federal, state and local agencies have the capabilities they need to achieve their missions both now and in the future — a future that will be shaped, in large part, by the power of 5G.

Maggie HallbachVerizon

I am honored to be appointed chairman of the Quantum Group at Executive Mosaic. Quantum technologies hold immense potential for transforming the public sector and I am excited to collaborate with fellow executives and government leaders to drive innovation in this rapidly evolving field. Together, we will create a strong community dedicated to advancing quantum capabilities and delivering impactful outcomes.

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