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Executive MosaicExecutiveGov unveiled a number of stories this week about the U.S. Federal government and its leaders.
Two vital stories the website published included the latest news about the declining amount of hires in the federal workforce and a new role in the Obama Administration for Jeffrey Zients.
Jeffrey Zients, formerly acting director of the Office of Management and Budget, was nominated by Obama to succeed Gene Sperling as director of the National Economic Council.
He led OMB as acting director in two separate stints, first for four months in 2010 and again from January 2012 until April of this year.
The 20-year private sector veteran is a former chairman and CEO of The Advisory Board Co., chairman of the Corporate Executive Board and is also a co-founder of The Urban Alliance Foundation.
In addition to serving as acting head, Zients was OMB’s deputy director for management starting in 2009, when he also became the country’s first chief performance officer.
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The Partnership for Public Service says the federal government hired 89,689 new workers last year which is a 39 percent decline since 2009, Federal News Radio reported Wednesday.
The group said the U.S. has 2.1 million federal workers or about the same employment rate it recorded in 2009.
26 out of 39 federal agencies recruited fewer people in fiscal 2012 than they did in fiscal 2011, according to PPS data obtained by the radio station.
Data also indicates more than 100,000 staff left the federal service last fiscal year.
More than 77 percent of newly hired employees stepped into roles within the departments of Defense and Homeland Security, the report notes.
42 percent of new hires in fiscal 2012 were under the age of 35, while that same age-cohort makes up a little less than 18 percent of the total federal workforce.
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