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Tysons Corner, Va.-based Executive Mosaic is a cross-platform media company that provides readers the broadest view of the government contracting sector from the perspectives of executives and government officials across all its specialities.
The company strives to exemplify a “mosaic” through its five news websites, featuring daily coverage of industry events and regular interviews of thought leaders on both sides of the intersection of the private and public sector.
ExecutiveBiz, EM’s first news and executive analysis site launched in 2007 after several years of succesful operations as a newsletter. EBiz, as the site is most commonly known to its readers and within the company publishes interviews with leading executives at the world’s largest GovCon firms, many of which are headquartered in the Washington region.
“Our reporters discuss the executives’ roles at their companies, general industry trajectory and what they’re excited about as the industry moves forward,” said David Barton, EM’s chief staff writer and lead interviewer.
EBiz also seeks and brings to light leading business activity as companies open new offices and form partnerships with other companies to pursue new business.
Readers can also find information technology-related contract awards and how companies are helping run the business of government.
On GovCon Wire, readers find up-to-the-minute news on GovCon executives moving to new companies, significant contract awards and the latest activity in the mergers-and-acquisition space.
The site also covers contractors’ financial activity.
“We follow the ever-changing GovCon sector as it changes,” said Ross Wilkers, EM’s newsroom editor. “We’ve broken stories on a few of those changes as well.”
GovCon Executive is EM’s other primary executive-centric website and provides readers information on the industry’s leading figures through profiles.
Once each working day, Barton provides readers an original, personal rendition of an executive’s career trajectory from education to the C-suite.
“We delve into the history and background of executives, their education and leadership background,” Barton said.
The site, called “GCE” within EM’s newsroom, also covers philanthropic activities of GovCon companies and executives and other professional activities such as speeches and industry seminars.
EM’s technology-focused website, TheNewNewInternet, is a source for information on technological innovation in the GovCon sector and what companies and agencies are aiming to achieve with technology.
Cybersecurity, big data, cloud computing, mobility and C4ISR are TNNI’s main focus areas, as are the executive’s viewpoint on the current state of the federal technology.
“TNNI is at the intersection of industry and the government,” Barton said. “We have videos, news about what’s next in technology and cover what the government wants from industry.”
To keep up with events in the public sector, ExecutiveGov provides EM readers a pivot point to follow high-level executives in the federal government and government activity that GovCon firms must form their strategies around.
EGov shapes its coverage around movements of executives to and from agencies and the changing budget environment, including the potential sequestration cuts.
“Sequestration is certainly the hot topic of conversation on both sides of the GovCon spectrum,” Wilkers said. “We try to provide readers a forward-looking approach on potential effects of the cuts and preparations beforehand.”
Readers also find original profiles of government executives on ExecutiveGov,