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Executive Mosaic is continuing to expand and enhance its media operations through its wide-ranging network of social media platforms and third party websites as we strive to give our readers additional avenues to follow all of the latest developments in GovCon.
We have upgraded all of the newsletters for our websites and our GovCon Daily email, a digest sent at 3 p.m. that features the day’s biggest and most interesting news items.
That series of refreshes came after the upgrades of themes for GovCon Wire, ExecutiveBiz, GovCon Executive, TheNewNewInternet and ExecutiveGov.
EM staffers also update our cross-platform social media accounts to give readers the latest information in real time via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus.
Each site has its own Twitter account, which features customized tweets that mention the company name and the executives at the forefront of important business activity.
Additionally, Executive Mosaic adds the “#GovCon” hashtag in with every post for a uniform look and feel regarding the subject our staff covers.
Our Facebook page is the place to see every executive move covered on GovCon Wire as well as our spotlights on ExecutiveBiz that feature conversations with the industry’s top thought leaders.
From time to time, we also like to highlight the most significant contract awards and other executive-driven activity that shapes the industry.LinkedIn is our other executive-centric social media site that features executive appointments, spotlights and other coverage driven by GovCon thought leaders and for them as well.Our Google Plus page offers another avenue for the audience to share and like our coverage and presents a comprehensive view of the industry’s top events.Executive Mosaic has also extended its coverage to third party sites for a more wide-ranging view of the important players in the industry and in the public sector.EM staffers pour through our extensive research inputs to find what drives executive actions that shape the sector and the country at large.