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This past week, ExecutiveBiz published a spotlight with Debbie Thurman, vice president of contracts and procurement at URS federal services. 
The Air Force veteran joined the firm in July 2012 and discussed a number of topics related to her role and the current state of GovCon industry in her ExecutiveBiz interview. 
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One topic she discussed were the differences between contracts through the eyes of someone in government and an employee in a GovCon firm.  
“I think the financial side is probably the biggest gap in understanding the difference between Government and contractor perspectives,” Thurman said.
“When I was a government contracting officer, I really thought that I understood profit, labor & indirect rates, and how industry operated.  But I can tell you, when I retired and went to work for industry I realized right away that there was so much that I didn’t know.”
Later in her discussion, Thurman discussed the current contracting environment and how it might stay static for years to come. 
“I hear people say ‘this too shall pass’ and ‘we’re in this cycle and I’ve seen this cycle before’ and perhaps we have seen some of these things in past.  But, I think this is a time where things are different than they’ve ever been before.  And I think they’re going to be that way for some years to come,” she said.  
“There is a lot more oversight now and there’s been an incredible amount of legislative changes implemented.  The job has just become very intense in terms of making sure that you’re complying with the legislative changes,” Thurman added.
To read the entire interview, go to http://blog.executivebiz.com/2013/06/executive-spotlight-…
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