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EMExecutive spotlights are in-depth Q&A’s which ExecutiveBiz conducts with numerous chief and top-level executives in GovCon. 
The intimate access afforded by these interviews provides insight as to how companies are acquiring new business, what the future holds and the personal side of corporate leaders.
This past week, ExecutiveBiz published a spotlight with Mark Jendzejec who serves as senior vice president for civilian and intelligence agencies at STG Inc. where he leads a team that provides and supports information technology environments and linguistic and analytic services for customers.
Jendzejec is a former Northrop Grumman VP, a company where he focused on IT and mission support and spent 24 of his 34 total years in industry.
In this conversation with ExecutiveBiz, he discussed how sequestration will impact STG’s lines of business and charts STG’s growth since he first joined the firm close to three-and-a-half years ago.
“Over the past several years, budget concerns and constraints have affected the market, especially new opportunities where STG has been focused,” he said.
“There seems to have been a definite slowdown over the past couple of years in the whole acquisition environment. We’re also seeing a trend over the last year where customers are more interested in metrics: true, measurable value propositions as well as a demonstrated ability to leverage proven best practices that are shared among programs within the company,” Jendzejec added.
He also talked about the company’s overall business model and how it affects executives at the company. 
“STG’s brand, and its business model, is centered on agility and performance in a cost-effective and reliable manner. Our approach is very different from the larger integrators and it is, frankly, quite demanding of its senior executives – I play a lot less golf than I used to,” he said.
To read the entire interview, click here.
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