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EMExecutive spotlights are in-depth Q&A’s which ExecutiveBiz conducts with numerous chief and top-level executives in GovCon.

The intimate access afforded by these interviews provides insight as to how companies are acquiring new business, what the future holds and the personal side of corporate leaders.
This past week, ExecutiveBiz published a spotlight with Drew Morin of TeleCommunication Systems.
Morin has been with the company since 1988, currently serves as senior vice president and chief technology officer and is responsible for technical direction, coordination and development activities across the company’s business units.
In his conversation with ExecutiveBiz, Morin discusses TCS’ many offerings, the procurement trends of the federal government and some of the technology projects he has worked on in his career.
“We provide training to the cyber warriors of the future,” Morin said of the company’s cyber offerings.
“We train about 1,000 Department of Defense employees a year. We are arguably one of the leading trainers of that elite group.”
He also discussed the gridlock occurring in the federal government and its effect on industry.
“The current budget stalemate in and between the legislative and executive branches is precluding them from receiving the necessary guidance that enables them to effectively execute,” he said.
“It is also creating the inability to plan and execute, as well as creating pressure on research and development. We are currently unable to take a long-term view. In the meantime, our adversaries are looking 10 to 15 years out.”
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