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EM Logo5Executive spotlights are in-depth Q&A’s which ExecutiveBiz conducts with numerous chief and top-level executives in GovCon.
The intimate access afforded by these interviews provides insight as to how companies are acquiring new business, what the future holds and the personal side of corporate leaders.
This past week, ExecutiveBiz published two spotlights with leaders in GovCon, including executives from SRA International and Leidos.
Rick Nadeau serves as CFO at SRA International where the 32-year financial veteran is responsible for the long-term financial picture of the company.
In this conversation with ExecutiveBiz, Nadeau discussed the IDIQ and its current popularity.
“With an IDIQ, you really have to win the work twice. You need first to win a position on the vehicle, and then you have to win the underlying task orders. That’s just a fact of life,” said Nadeau.
He also spoke about SRA’s transition from a public to a private company and how it has changed the firm.
“We have found being a private company different.  We have been able to better focus our infrastructure costs and increase our capture activities and direct more resources to fuel bidding and proposal efforts to secure more work. We are now submitting more than twice the number of proposals as we did two years ago,” he said.
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Jerry Hogge serves as deputy group president of the the health solutions group at Leidos and has been with SAIC since 2009.
He spoke with ExecutiveBiz about the state of health care in the U.S. and its growth as a percentage of federal spending.
“A significant component of Federal spending and the U.S. economy is healthcare services and health information technology, total spending on healthcare in the 1960s, represented 5 to 6 percent of our economy, and today it’s roughly 17 percent. And that growth trajectory continues,” he said.
Hogge added that Leidos acquired a number of businesses recently to bolster its healthcare practice.
“We recently acquired substantial and similar health IT capabilities on the commercial side with our acquisitions of maxIT Healthcare and Vitalize Consulting Solutions,” Hogge said.
“These businesses are focused on providing electronic health record implementation consulting and optimization services to commercial health entities,” he added.
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