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Executive spotlights are in-depth Q&A’s which ExecutiveBiz conducts with numerous chief and top-level executives in GovCon.
The intimate access afforded by these interviews provides insight as to how companies are acquiring new business, what the future holds and the personal side of corporate leaders.
ExecutiveBiz recently published a spotlight with Mark Gray, ASRC Federal president and CEO.
He spoke with ExecutiveBiz about his first 100 days in-charge of the company and four primary areas he plans to focus on moving forward.
He also spoke about the company’s M&A strategy and shared contract vehicles the company is pursuing.
Gray said the company plans to prioritize four things in the near future including protecting the core business, optimizing infrastructure, taking better advantage of large contract vehicles and M&A activity.
“On the acquisition front, the corporation has the financial and strategic imperatives to acquire. A main element of the acquisition strategy from Arctic Slope Regional Corporation, the parent corporation of ASRC Federal, is to acquire in the federal space. We have made a lot of progress on M&A in the first 100 days of me being onboard. I’m excited to take the business, execute the corporation’s mission, set a vision and plot a course to make us a top federal services player,” Gray said.
Gray also talked about how the company plans to grow its footprint in the space market sector.
“A lot of organizations won’t list NASA as a top priority because NASA’s budget is not at the level it once was and because the margins aren’t as high as they are in other markets,” he said.
“But the reality is NASA still has a large budget, and well-positioned companies have some very good opportunities for profitable growth. On the National Security Space side, we are primarily focusing on Air Force Space Command,” he added.
Gray also talked about his business and technical background and how it has helped him in his current role.
“I earned my engineering degree thirty years ago, and the analytical thought process you learn and use to be successful in an engineering curriculum is a key foundational element that is very valuable in a CEO role. My MBA has served me very well. Strategy and finance are two areas I use daily and routinely. In our strategy curriculum in business school, I learned that all strategies start with a focus on the outside not the inside,” he said.
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