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In ExecutiveGovs continuing effort to cover the most important events and individuals shaping federal policy, a number of new stories were published this past week.
The stories included two important names in government, John McCain and Sean Stackley.
Former republican presidential candidate and Arizona Senator John McCain, made headlines when he wrote a letter to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta asking for a report on potential layoff costs if sequestration occurs.
McCain said severance costs could reach $4 billion.
He asked for the letter to detail money transfers between defense accounts and for it to be delivered 30 days before the government must begin reimbursing contractors for severance payments.
In other news, Sean Stackley moved into the senior acquisition executive position for the F-35 program.
Air Force Major General Christopher Bogdan, will elevate to lead program manger from his current position as program manager, succeeding Navy Vice-Admiral David Venlet.
In the hierarchy of the multi-service program, if an Air Force official serves as lead program manager, then a Navy officer must be the lead acquisition executive and vice-versa.
The lead acquisition role is reserved for civilians in each branch while a military officer is always appointed as head of the program.
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