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This week, there were a number of important issues and officials that made EGov headlines, including Department of Defense Comptroller Robert Hale testifying before the House Armed Services Committee about a Pentagon audit which has been called for by Congress.
Hale said that the Pentagon is at “midfield” in its preparations for the audit which has a 2014 deadline, and added that budget uncertainties are doing nothing to aid the DoD in preparing its financial documents.
In other news, acting General Services Administration head Dan Tangherlini plans to boost the power of the Chief Information Officer by putting all IT personnel, budgets and systems under his/her authority.
He said that currently, the CIO has limited authority in leading project development, performance and budgets.
Tangherlini also said that the Chief People Officer will assume responsibility for more human resource functions and that he hopes it will clarify and provide visibility into hiring decisions.
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