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The website published a number of stories this week including an interview with DoD’s Frank Kendall and a story about a 30-year modernization plan for the U.S. nuclear defense system.
Frank Kendall serves as the Pentagon’s acquisition lead and recently sat down for an interview with Defense News.
He told the publication that buying power at the defense department is being updated and reinforced and that  the services are now aware that they must do long-term capital planning before starting a program.
“We do a 30-year shipbuilding, we do a 30-year [tactical aviation] plan,” Kendall said.
“This makes all the communities look out [to] that kind of a time frame, the life-cycle of a product. If I’m going to have roughly this amount of money in my service to spend and I have to replace everything in my current equipment inventory over 30 years, how much can I afford to spend on a given item,” he added.
He would also like to see the private sector invest more in research and development programs
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Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told Reuters reporters that the DoD is planning to update the U.S. Nuclear defense system.
Nuclear weapons, which are equipped with 1970s-class components will be newly equipped with modern tail kit guidance systems.
“To modernize your nuclear weapons stockpile and assure that they continue to stay secure and safe, it takes money, it takes resources,” Hagel said.
The Congressional Budget Office says the upgrade could cost $355 billion over the next 10 years.
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