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The website published a number of stories this week touching on the possible ramifications of a shutdown of the U.S. Federal government and new appointments in government.
One of the government stories published said an estimated 800,000 federal civilian workers could experience furloughs if a government shutdown occurs.
Active duty soldiers and nearly 1.3 million civilian workers are not subject to shutdown furloughs.
Large agencies exempted a sizeable number of employees performing “essential” duties from the unpaid leave.
Social Security benefits, mail delivery, veterans’ benefits, customs and border security functions would continue in the event of a shutdown.
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Rafael Borras, management undersecretary at the Department of Homeland Security, has been named acting deputy secretary.
The appointment comes amid delays in the Senate confirmation of Alexander Mayorkas, the presidential nominee to the position.
Borras’ deputy, Chris Cumminskey, will become acting undersecretary for management.
Borras spent more than three years as DHS undersecretary of management where he focused on worker morale, program performance, risk assessment and financial management systems.
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