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The website published a number of stories today touching on the government shutdown, specifically a House measure to fund the Veteran Administration and how the F-35 program is being slowed down.
The F-35 Joint Program Office lead Lt. General Christopher Bogdan has said the massive weapons program could come to a halt if the government shutdown continues.
“The current closing of the federal government coupled with the furloughs from earlier this year has not been good for the F-35 program,” Bogdan said.
The Defense Contract Management Agency handles acquisitions, auditing and approval for military contracts and also helps manage the F-35 program.
Its emplyees have continued to work at the Lockheed Martin plant in Texas but many DCMA employees have been furloughed so the agency isn’t working at full capacity.
“The shutdown is negatively affecting our ability to conduct flight tests and other areas of the program, such as development, aircraft deliveries and sustaining the fleet, are also at risk of delay and disruption,”Bogdan said.
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The House voted 259-157 to approve a measure that would provide funding for disability claims and GI Bill benefits programs run by the Department of Veterans Affairs.
VA spokeswoman Victoria Dillon said the agency intends to continue mandatory overtime for claims processors through early November.
“With the backlog of disability claims continuing to pile up and veterans being forced to wait longer and longer to receive their benefits, it is critical that the White House and Congress work together to support our veterans,” said House Speaker John Boehner.
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