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Executive MosaicExecutiveGov unveiled a number of stories this week about the U.S. Federal government and its leaders.
Two vital stories the website published included articles about a new headquarters for the Fish and Wildlife Service and a new NASA moon mission.
The Fish and Wildlife Service will relocate to a new headquarters in Falls Church, Va. in deal that will last for 15 years.
The new office is owned by Vornado Realty and has 183,000-square-feet of space.
The government agency’s headquarters is currently located in Ballston, Va. which over 15 years would be $3.8 million more expensive than the new building.
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NASA is launching a spacecraft on an Air Force Minatour rocket from Wallops Flight Facility on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.
Th purpose of the mission is to explore the moons atmosphere and dust.
“Sometimes, people are a little taken aback when we start talking about the lunar atmosphere because, right, we were told in school that the moon doesn’t have an atmosphere,” said Sarah Noble, NASA program scientist.
“It does. It’s just really, really thin,” she added.
The launch will be the first rocket take-off bound for the moon at the facility, with all but one prior moon mission emanating from Cape Canaveral.
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