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EMExecutiveGov unveiled a number of timely and important news items this week geared toward the government and government contracting executive. 
Two of the most vital stories the website published included an announcement about three Obama nominees being confirmed to serve in leadership roles in his cabinet and passage by the Senate of an immigration reform bill.
The officials who were unanimously approved for leadership roles included Dan Tangherlini, Howard Shelanski and Brian Deese.
Tangherlini  is to serve as head of the General Services Administration, Shelanski will become the administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs and Deese will serve as deputy director of the OMB.
Shelanski is a former FTC economist and lawyer and succeeds Cass Sunstein, Harvard professor, in her new role.
Tangherlini has already served as acting head of the GSA for 15 months and was a popular pick for the administrator seat. 
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The other big news on the government website was the passing of an immigration reform bill through the Senate.
14 Republicans, two independents and all 52 Democrats backed the legislation which is meant to boost border security and give citizenship to 11-12 million undocumented aliens.
Speaker of the House John Boehner said after the vote that the house would “do our own bill,” legislation that “reflects the will of our majority.”
The next step is for the House to adopt the legislation or for the Congressional body to draft its own immigration bill.
The Senate measure includes a 10-year $46 billion plan to add 20,000 law enforcement agents, build 700 extra miles of fencing and install surveillance equipment along the Mexican border. 
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