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The website published a number of stories today including covering a possible deal to end the shutdown and also published a piece on a possible Air Force FY 2014 audit.
The Senate is closing in on a deal to end the federal shutdown and avoid a possible default.
Both Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid and Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell expressed optimism about a bipartisan agreement after a round of budget talks Monday.
“We hope that with good fortune … that perhaps tomorrow will be a bright day,” Reid said.
The Senate proposal would extend government funding through mid-January and the U.S.’ borrowing authority at least through mid-February.
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The Air Force could miss its fiscal year 2014 deadline for audit readiness because upgrades to its financial systems will not be finished in time.
Jamie Morin, the nominee to head the Pentagon’s Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation, outlined challenges the service faces to meet that deadline and prepare for an audit.
“We’ve made some continued progress in identifying the actions we need to take in the near term with our existing legacy IT systems, our legacy financial systems, in order to give ourselves the best chance at meeting that 2014 deadline,” Morin said.
A bill proposed in the Senate would bar any unauditable military service from receiving milestone B acquisition funds.
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