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The website published a number of stories this week including a piece about intellectual property rights issues between the U.S. and China and new EPA renewable fuel regulations in the pipeline at the EPA.
The EPA is set to release new regulations for renewable fuel use in gasoline on Friday, according to an agency insider.
Gina McCarthy, administrator for the EPA, said at a House Science Committee hearing Thursday that the RFS for 2014 will be proposed soon but will take some time to be finalized and implemented.
The EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standard proposal has been with OMB since Aug. 30 as the requirements have not yet been finalized.
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In other government news, the ongoing issues regarding China stealing the intellectual property right of U.S. businesses has resulted in Gary Locke, U.S. ambassador to China, talking to the Chinese about the issue.
“Rights holders, including many Chinese, have told us … that courts lack consistency in the application of procedural remedies and that damages awarded do not fully compensate for losses or fail to deter future infringers,” Locke said Thursday.
“So long as such entrepreneurs’ efforts go unrewarded, China’s efforts to develop an innovative, 21st Century economy will remain stunted,” Locke added.
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