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The website published a number of stories this week including pieces about cloud spending in 2013 and reduced judiciary spending.
Chief Justice John Roberts has said that sequestration has negatively affected the Federal Judiciary.
He says that funding for federal courts has been reduced by $350 million which has lessened the total amount of clerks, probation and pretrial officers.
“The independent judicial branch consumes only the tiniest sliver of federal revenues, just two-tenths of one percent of the federal government’s total outlays,” Roberts said.
“The impact of the sequester was more significant on the courts than elsewhere in the government because virtually all of their core functions are constitutionally and statutorily required,” Roberts added.
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Deltek has found that federal agencies awarded $17 billion in cloud computing contracts in 2013.
Civilian agencies accounted for $16.5 billion of the total and $65 million on defense.
CIA awarded $600 million to Amazon earlier this year and $10 billion to create a cloud system for the Department of the Interior.
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