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The website published a number of stories this week including a piece about a Lockheed-built spacecraft being sent to Mars and a Defense Department report on Afghanistan being sent to Congress.
NASA launched the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution spacecraft which is meant to figure out why Mars lost its water and became dry.
The University of Colorado Boulder’s Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics is responsible for MAVEN’s exploration work, Lockheed for mission operations, the University of California at Berkeley’s Space Sciences Laboratory for the mission instruments and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory for navigation and hardware support.
MAVEN will travel for 10 months before reaching Mars, where MAVEN will fire six thrusters into the planet’s orbit and perform science investigations five weeks after the firing.
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The DoD has sent a report to Congress detailing the progress of the Afghan National Security Forces.
The “Report on Progress Toward Security and Stability in Afghanistan” says the security forces will be ready for counterinsurgency operations when NATO troops leave in 2014 and the force has doubled in size since 2009.
An agreement between the U.S. and Afghanistan calls for between 8,000- 12,000 NATO and U.S. troops to stay in the country beyond 2014.
However, casualties of the force have increased by 79 percent during this year’s fighting season.
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