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The website published a number of stories this week including a piece about a new acting deputy Defense secretary and news about Afganistan’s security accord with the U.S.
Christine Fox has been appointed acting deputy defense secretary after the Ash Carter decided to step down.
She previously served as the director of the Defense Department‘s cost assessment and program evaluation office.
Earlier this summer, Fox joined Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory as technical director and served as the president of the Center for Naval Analyses earlier in her career.
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In other government news, NATO has said it could pull all of its troops out of Afghanistan if President Hamid Karzai does not sign a post-2014 security accord with the U.S.
NATO already has a troop presence agreement with the Middle Eastern nation but NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen said it will only be honored if the Karzai agrees to a deal with the U.S.
The Loya Jirga has already approved the pact but Karzai wants to postpone the signing of the pact until after the April elections.
If NATO troops and U.S. troops decided to completely remove all troops from the country, millions of dollars in aid would be threatened.
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