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The ecosystem in which a brand engages with its stakeholders and grows public awareness of its offerings, culture and background has changed with the increasingly interconnected and media-rich age of ubiquitous social media, mobile devices and wireless connection.
More than ever, brands are able to integrate themselves into the fabric of their business and social niches, solidifying themselves as interested parties, thought leaders and respected voices in those communities.
It is perhaps the drawing out of this ‘brand personality’ that has been the most ‘sticky’ for brands with target audiences, when compared with more traditional press releases and email campaigns.
Companies have found avenues to integrate themselves at the intersection of more traditional media – featuring strong news and analytical content – interactive video and picture platforms, and social and newsletter presentation and distribution.
Through paper.li, Lore Systems, a Silver Spring, Md.-based IT services firm, delivers its ‘daily’, which is generated by Twitter in the form of an eNewsletter or eMagazine and features links, videos and easily digestible content focused across the spectrum of Lore’s operating areas.
That’s important for a company like Lore Systems that provides a wide variety of services and solutions in fields including the managed datacenter, cloud computing– including infrastructure and platform-as-a-service – IT consulting, virtualization and collocation.
Importantly, most of the content is directed to sources outside of Lore Systems, with the company acting as a directional beacon about what’s important in markets and the areas of interest to the company and its stakeholders.
The content includes everything from general news and technology-specific developments and analysis in technology, business, politics and other categories, basically serving as a guide map to what Lore Systems’ ecosystem is.
This is one approach that bridges the gap between traditional and next-generation media and shines light on the firm as a knowledgeable and connected leading industry player through accessible and sharable channels.
Click here to access the daily to see how Lore Systems is helping drive its position in its market spaces through a combination of traditional and social media.