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PRLog (Press Release) – Sep 14, 2012 –
Executive Mosaic’s portfolio of over five media platforms serves to inform executives from across GovCon and defense of the events, people and companies that shape their industry and workplaces.
TheNewNewInternet is one of those EM websites and its coverage is squarely focused on the rapid advances in technology of big data, C4ISR, cloud and cyber.
Beyond those areas of coverage, the website’s core mission is to both engage and enlighten readers about what technologies and initiatives GovCon is utilizing for both U.S and international governments.
This week, TNNI covered a wide range of stories including a Northrop Grumman drone which is being used by NASA for hurricane research, a joint HP and Intel renewable data center and a study by NATO which says international law should be applied to cyber operations.
The Northrop drone that is being utilized by NASA for hurricane research is called the Global Hawk, and it was tested for the first time during Hurricane Leslie.
The UAV which can fly at altitudes over 60,000 feet and stay airborne for over 20 hours is meant to study air that comes off the Saharan desert which increases the strength of numerous hurricanes.
In other news, HP and Intel are building a $10 million data center for the Department of Energy which they hope will be the most efficient in the world.
Also, the NATO study that TNNI reported on, calls for cyber operations performed in the context of armed conflict to be presided over by international law and defined such operations as a ‘use of force’.
Listed above are only three of many stories that TNNI published during the last week.
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