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EM Logo5This past week, ExecutiveBiz published a spotlight with a business development executive at Red Hat.
Lynne Chamberlain has been at Red Hat since 2004 where the more than 20-year industry leads business development for the open source company’s public sector.
In her Q&A with ExecutiveBiz, Chamberlain discussed her work with systems integrators, cloud offerings at Red Hat and how open source is poised to change the federal information technology landscape.
Prior to Red Hat, Chamberlain served in a leadership role at Unisys where she worked with civilian agencies.
“I led the Government System and Technology group for Unisys, which was about 500 people. Unisys supported the large mainframes under contract at the IRS, Department of Interior and GSA, among other agencies,” she said.
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She spoke about a number of different cloud offerings from Red Hat and how the company works with systems integrators.
“One of the most important requirements with cloud environments is to provide cost allocation and chargebacks,” Chamberlain added.
The BD executive talked about the widespread use of Red Hat technology and how the Gluster acquisition changed the way they do business.
“GSA, FedRAMP is in the forefront of the cloud direction. John Keese’s company, Autonomic Resources, was one of the first companies to obtain a FedRAMP certification with the GSA, and they use Red Hat products within their solution offering. In addition to FedRAMP; DISA, Department of Interior, CIA, and many other government agencies are introducing their own cloud RFP’s,” she added.
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