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Executive spotlights are in-depth Q&A’s which ExecutiveBiz conducts with numerous chief and top-level executives in GovCon.
The intimate access afforded by these interviews provides insight as to how companies are acquiring new business, what the future holds and the personal side of corporate leaders.
This past week, ExecutiveBiz published a spotlight with Lou Crenshaw, Grant Thornton principal for aerospace and defense.
The retired Vice Admiral served in a number of roles in his more than 30 years in the U.S. Navy including as a commanding officer of an attack squadron in Desert Storm and head of the Department’s $130 billion budget.
Crenshaw discussed how the government is learning to spend its money in a smarter way and why Grant Thornton is poised for growth.
“It’s hard to differentiate yourself sometimes in the big four and we really like our market position.  It gives us a lot of flexibility and it gives us an ability to focus in on the areas that we want to invest our time and talent in and we choose to be number one in the markets we choose to be in,” he said
He said a number of interesting things about his time in the Navy during the interview.
“That’s a tough question because for 32 years I was a buyer.  All of a sudden, I turned around to become a seller and of course in my final job, I was in charge of the Navy’s budget for about $130 billion.  And believe you me, it’s hard to spend $130 billion in usually less than a year because you don’t normally get your money right away,” he said.
He also talked about how being in a war situation changes your perspective.
“There’s a couple of other revelations that I had, one is remember that you need to put things in context because when I was honored to be a commanding officer of a squadron during the first Desert Storm we were flying combat missions and that tends to realign your priorities to what’s really important. I think I bring that perspective here when people are running around and there is some supposed crisis that might be in the works.
One of the first things I say now is, “Has anybody been killed?,  is nuclear war imminent?” Well, no. Okay, then, it can’t be that bad.  So, trying to put things in context is another good thing.  Remember there are other things going on out there,” he said.
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