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This past week, ExecutiveBiz published a spotlight with Clay Hale, Siemens Government Technologies SVP and CFO.
He has been with the company for close to 20-years and in his current position, he reports back to the larger Siemens organization to see where he can help it grow their federal business.
In his conversation with ExecutiveBiz, Hale discussed how the company is poised for growth despite the federal government’s budget constraints, his many experiences and roles at the firm and some of the latest projects the company is doing within healthcare.
“I’ve been with industry automation field, I’ve been in the warehousing field as well as working in service business and project businesses,” he said.
“Having such exposure working in varied businesses has afforded me the opportunity to fully understand the breadth and depth of the Siemens portfolio; from projects to manufacturing, to service to solutions business. With each position, I’ve been able to take on more and more responsibility,” he added.
Hale also discussed how SGT helps the larger Siemens organization win business with the federal government.
“Siemens Government Technologies delivers value by collaborating with the Siemens division, implementing our proven processes and strategic account management. Whether it’s FAR clauses or proposal development or proposal strategy or understanding the “Voice of the Customer,” we don’t always see the direct sale or the direct revenue.  However, we have a charter to help the rest of Siemens grow federal orders. In that case, we get an assist and that counts as much as a score, he said.
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