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This past week, ExecutiveBiz published two spotlights.
The first spotlight was a Q&A session with Martin Young of Loughlin Management Partners + Company.
In the interview, Young spoke on a number of topics relating to the GovCon industry, including what to expect over the next 12 months and what is ahead for cloud computing and IT services.
“Every time the United States has transitioned from war to peace, there’s been some sort of a peace dividend and that peace dividend has basically been produced through the draw downs of troops, as well as other services in a contracting-base that supports them,” he said.
“Over the last few wars, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War in 1989, and the end of the first Gulf war, you saw a draw down to solve base closures,” he added. “What’s happened was a lot of those contractors essentially went through a series of mergers and acquisitions.  Basically, the companies where there was dropping revenues ended up being purchased or acquired by other companies that continue to go to larger and larger platforms. We expect to see the same things.  There’s a cycle.”

The second spotlight published this week was with Mark Lewellyn, the head of the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab National Security Analysis Center.
He spent 30 years at the Center for Naval Analyses, where he earned the Navy Meritorious Public Service Award before working for JHU.
In his interview, Lewellyn gives tips to GovCon executives about what is coming next in DoD acquisition and touches on important previous analysis work that he has done for the DoD.
“We are moving into a period where there is going to be more pressure on the defense budget,” he said.
“Proportionally less money is going to be spent on major end items such as ships and airplanes,” he added.  “There will still be big programs, but several defense leaders have noted that we should focus on improving the systems that go on planes and ships that the Navy, in particular, already has.”
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