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The New New Internet unveiled a number of timely and important news items this week geared toward the government contracting executive.
One of the story’s TNNI published focused on business and government cybersecurity prospects in 2013.
According to a recent report by McAfee Labs and an Intel subsidiary, cybersecurity incidents are set to increase and could even turn into an all-out war after numerous attacks took place in 2012.
Last year saw massive U.S. cyberattacks ordered against Iran last year and in retaliation, the Iran attacks on U.S. banks and Saudi oil companies.
James Lewis, a Center for Strategic and International Studies cybersecurity expert, said there are currently 12 industrialized military’s who are actively developing cyberwarfare capabilities.
Other disagree with the study that cyberwarfare will increase such as Wade Baker, head of Verizon’s security division, who says an all-out cyberwar is unlikely.
In the same report, McAfee noted that  Anonymous attacks have grown weaker and fewer in number due to strengthened defense against denial of service attacks.
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