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The New New Internet unveiled a number of timely and important news items this week geared toward the government contracting executive.
There were two important stories that were covered this week.
The first was SAIC subsidiary and McAfee combining to create an updated firewall
The virus was found on a number of computers in the Middle East according to Kaspersky Lab.
Researchers believe that the Flame virus was used to infiltrate and steal information from thousands of computers and after sifting through the data, high profile targets were infected with miniFlame.
The virus was used on computers that were already infected with the flame and Gauss viruses.

The second story is a report on the virus dubbed ‘miniflame’.
The joint firewall is built for remote government operations and energy infrastructure locations.
“Every CIO I know is looking to establish trust in the networks they operate on behalf of their organizations,” SAIC Chief Information Officer Charles Beard said in a release. “Having a platform of trust capable of operating concurrent solutions including McAfee Firewall Enterprise that can be deployed to Internet gateways globally begins to help us regain that trust.”
The companies announced a partnership in November, where McAfee would help SAIC integrate a threat response program into CloudShield.
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