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EMThe New New Internet unveiled a number of timely and important news items this week geared toward the government contracting executive. 
The GovCon technology website unveiled two stories this week with important industry news concerning the U.S. Postal Service and EHR for a NASA program.
USPS has moved to agile technology in order to better speed-up deliverables and improve communication between officials and clients.
“The intent was to find a way to deal with changes where we could be more responsive to changing customer expectations and raising the visibility of what we were doing throughout the development’s lifecycle back to our business partners,” said John Edgar, USPS vice president of IT.
In the past three years, USPS has used agile software development in more than 50 projects and is using it in 25 projects currently. 
The Postal servcie previously used waterfall methods of software development for years prior to agile development. 
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In other technology news, Wyle has enlisted the help of iPatientCare to provide NASA Human Research Program with an ambulatory electronic health record.
According to the article, the project is intended to help medical teams diagnose, treat and perform procedures for NASA’s exploration crew.
“We chose iPatientCare’s EHR because of its compliant software architecture and highly functional integration brokering architecture that makes this customization possible,” said David Rubin, Wyle EMSD project manager.
The program involves the International Space Station and will attempt to demonstrate that several medical tools such as usage monitoring, guided medical procedures, support tool, EHR, dry electrode physiologic monitor, flexible ultrasound and a video system can be joined into one medical system.
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