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TNNIExecutive Mosaic founded TheNewNewInternet in 2009 to stay ahead of the trends, growth drivers and developments important to industry executives at the forefront of cybersecurity and cloud computing.
Attracting a growing audience across the U.S. and several continents, TNNI grew to fill a need for analysis, information and media broadly covering

  1. the private sector innovations that will shape federal procurement in the future
  2. the partnerships driving market trends
  3. how executives are positioning their firms to navigate the global technological landscape

More than a year into TNNI’s expanding focus, one thing has grown clear; we need more advanced real estate.
To interactively, graphically and meaningfully capture the horizon of the ever expanding worlds of big data & analytics, mobility, biometrics, C4ISR, and cyber and cloud, TNNI is getting a make over.
More posts will be more accessible in more forms, with video, social media and more comprehensive coverage enabling our audience to take in more professional content and share it in more expansive ways.
The New NewNewInternet launches in the first quarter of 2013. Stay tuned.