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The New New Internet unveiled a number of timely and important news items this week geared toward the government contracting executive.
On Monday, The New New Internet reported on a project being conducted by Northrop Grumman, DARPA and NASA aimed at creating autonomous aerial refueling for UAV’s.
Flights were conducted between January 11 and May 30 of this year.
According to Northrop, two NASA Global Hawk drones flew within 100 feet of each other for 2.5 hours.
The goal of the $33 million Autonomous High-Altitude Refueling Program are one week long flights made possible by autonomous fuel transfer.
In another fascinating story published last Thursday, a University of Pennsylvania researcher found that Iran is creating a private internet that would only be accessible by the country’s inhabitants.
During August and September, the UPenn researcher was able to map the size of the network and connect with 46,000 IP addresses out of a possible 17 million.
According to MIT’s Technology Review, a certain block of Internet Protocol addresses are reserved solely for private networks and he believes the country is using this technique to create a nationwide network.
This news comes on the heels of a report in April which details Iran’s interest in securing technology which can monitor people’s internet use.
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