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EM Logo5On January 27, 2014, Executive Mosaic officially elected Ray Haller, senior vice president and general manager of the Center for National Security at MITRE Corp., to join the ranks of the Wash100 as part of the latest group of inductees into the premier group of leaders on both sides of the intersection of the private and public sectors.

Haller is a longtime veteran and leader at MITRE, where he has helped transform how the Defense Department and Intelligence Community work with private industry in the pursuit of developing and implementing new technologies and best practices.

Across his tenure with MITRE, Haller has left much of his mark on the National Security Engineering Center across his current position, the SVP and GM roles with the Center for Integrate Intelligence Systems, and time as deputy director, where he helps lead cost and resource management functions.

Ray-HallerOne example of Haller’s impact was his effort helping jumpstart a simulation experiment to help researchers better understand how emergency responders could be impacted by the use of social media.
MITRE said the idea for the CERPS SIMEX grew out of an early 2012 conversation between James Dear and Haller who were discussing the National Strategic Narrative, a document written by former members of the Joint Staff on how the DoD could improve its operations.
“The document recommended that the DoD engage an informed and supportive citizenry, and Ray asked how we might do a SIMEX around that concept,” Dear said. From that initial idea, Dear hit on the concept of using social media to engage the public.

wash100-SEALThe Wash100 is a group of private and public sectors officially elected by Executive Mosaic’s organizational and editorial leadership for demonstrating a consistent commitment to organizational excellence, and driving above-average value to the American public through strategic vision, innovation and achievement.