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wash100-SEALOn January 27, 2014, Executive Mosaic officially elected longtime GovCon industry executive and thought leader Mark Gerencser to join the ranks of the Wash100 as part of the latest group of inductees into the premier group of leaders on both sides of the intersection of the private and public sectors.

Gerencser helped found CyberSpa in 2010 and serves as chairman of the company’s board of directors, continuing the leadership and foresight he has honed over years of work in next-generation technologies in areas including big data and analytics, critical infrastructure protection, and energy.

Gerencser is also renowned for seeing the big picture and understanding the importance of aligning stakeholder incentives and the power of directing the efforts of industry, government and the U.S. public in the same direction.

Mark-Gerencser-ExecutiveMosaic“Collaboration allows companies to create reasonable standards that could stave off more onerous regulation by the Government,” Gerencser wrote for ExecutiveBiz in 2013. ” A Presidential Executive Order currently being drafted by the White House mandates regulation fill the void if industry does not step up.  It also addresses the value of information sharing with an industry and between Government agencies and suggests an enabling framework to proceed.”

The Wash100 is a group of private and public sectors officially elected by Executive Mosaic’s organizational and editorial leadership for demonstrating a consistent commitment to organizational excellence, and driving above-average value to the American public through strategic vision, innovation and achievement.

Executive Mosaic inducts new leaders each year, but the recognition is earned over a career of work.

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