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Executive Mosaic’s Weekly News Round-Up
From Executive Mosaic President and Publisher Jim Garrettson
April 12, 2012
GovConExec Goes BIG With New Big Data Issue
This week marks the release of the 9th issue ofGovConExec magazine.
Building off our previous issues‘ and peeling back the layers of growing trends — including cloud computing, the insider threat and C4ISR — we are a step ahead of the market in the Spring 2012 issue on one of the most powerful technological movements of our era: BIG DATA.
GovCon executives and firms are leading the charge to effectively extract, store and analyze data from the tsunami of information agencies gather and share through the cloud or otherwise render through mission critical systems.
Our 9-page feature story provides an insider executive view on where the industry currently stands, how firms are crafting acquisition strategy to win business and where the BIG DATA market is heading.
Executives break down how BIG DATA is evolving and the technologies companies will employ to drive innovation at each step of the cycle — including collection, storage, processing and analysis.
If you are a GovCon Exec — this issue is a must read.
BIG DATA is not only big in terms of sheer volume, but also in both velocity and complexity in both structured and unstructured forms that continue to morph.
With BIG DATA, rather than talking in megabytes and gigabytes, the common language is terabytes (1,000 gigabytes) and sometimes petabytes (1,000 terabytes).
Consider that in 2015, it could take more than five years to watch all of the video that crosses global networks every second, according to a Cisco prediction highlighted in the magazine.
Complexity also means diversity, in terms of agency needs for BIG DATA.
Our magazine team identified the prime markets for BIG DATA at the agency level, including tracking payments, using electronic health records and climate science.
They also examined how GovCon firms are responding to agency calls for BIG DATA products and services.
BIG DATA is also directing big changes in the industry in terms of new technology developments, new positions for resources and strategic activities initiated by GovCon firms.
The team recapped some key acquisitions in the BIG DATA market as companies positioned themselves to take advantage of this growth market.
Our BIG DATA issue hits desks on the heels of a recent White House announcement that six agencies will commit $200 million to fund BIG DATA projects.
GovConExec magazine enters its third year of publishing with this issue and consistent with our circulation growth, executives in the industry continue turning to us for information and perspective.
Our editor-in-chief Gerry Simone and writers go directly to the source for that perspective: high-level GovCon executives.
See what the executives told us well ahead of that BIG DATA initiative announcement and much more in the new edition of GovConExec magazine.
Pick up a copy today.